Editorial Philosophy


DoubleThink News provides across-the-spectrum coverage of key news topics and brings in diverse perspectives. This includes often contrasting coverage / opinion on the same story. We seek to aggregate from reputable news outlets on a global holistic scale, not to be limited by the filtering effect of recommendation systems and search engines to present a broader, if not the whole spectrum.
Unlike traditional news recommendation engines such as Google News or Feedly, we refrain from using our users’ metric to curate content and thereby creating an echo chamber – rather, we reflect the most trending / top news stories other news outlets are covering. This is done through a combination of (mostly) algorithmic and human effort. We have developed and tested our news algorithm to ensure it is not affected by any human-injected bias towards sources / viewpoints.
At DoubleThink News, we adhere to the following editorial philosophy:

We are committed to show news topics with highly contrasting coverage

News topics with highly contrasting coverage, whether it be racial dynamics, partisan politics or international politics, often imply the topics themselves are viewed very differently by different groups. It is thus not uncommon for agenda-driven outlets to use doctored / selected coverage to agitate and provoke certain responses. Hence, we put extra emphasis on news stories that have highly contrasting coverage to ensure our reader can get the full picture and can stay clear of being manipulated.

We are committed to bring you the whole spectrum

As you may have already noticed, we have several extra comparison options in addition to our Left-Center-Right comparison for some news stories. While designing our news aggregation / search engine, we realized that a Left-Center-Right comparison is often insufficient for news topics of an international nature; it is not uncommon to see two mainstream news outlets’ coverage in two different countries that differ so wide that it is hard to believe they are about the same subject. This causes problems for news readers in either of these two countries to know what’s really going on. Therefore, we engineered our news search engine so that it automatically picks up coverages by top mainstream news outlets in multiple countries / regions if that topic involves more than one countries. We also developed a robust semantic analysis system so that for some news topics, an in-favor / opposition coverage comparison can be generated to better illustrate the whole spectrum.

We are committed to properly inform you about source reliability

Press freedom and free speech varies widely across the globe. Reputable media bias / reliability benchmarking websites such as allsides.com and mediabiasfactcheck.com make their decisions on bias level / trustworthiness on a particular news outlet based on extensive research / community scoring. For every news outlet we aggregate from, you can click the icon next to it to view its bias rating from these bias rating / fact checking websites. We also put a icon next to any news outlet that is government-associated to give you a better understanding of the nature of the source and how may it impact its bias / reliability.

We focus on political / international news, at least for now

It’s simple – there are simply not as many topics with contrasting coverage in sport, business or entertainment news as in politics and international news. We hence chose to focus our resource and time to where the problems of media bias and selective reporting actually exist.
CTO & Co-founder